What is a doula. A doula offers a natural birthWhat is a doula?


  • 1 'Doula' is a Greek word that has come to mean "woman's servant".
  • 2. A professional, non-medical birth companion, able to provide continuity of care, reassurance and encouragement, breathing and relaxation techniques, massage, help with labour and birth positions, support for the partner (Australian Doulas)


There are 2 types of doulas, a birth doula and a postnatal doula.


A birth doula will typically meet with you a few times antenatally, attend your birth in its entirety, stay with you a while after the birth and visit you in your home a short while after the baby has been born to debrief, ensure you’re happy and getting settled in nicely.

A postnatal doula will most likely visit you before the baby is born to talk about your needs, and then visit you at home over a period of time to help you find your feet as a new mum. To see more specifically what I can do for you as a postnatal doula see my packages


Why should I have a doula?


birth doulas offers education and support during your pregnancy and birth

A doula is a skilled natural birth expert that provides emotional support for mothers

using a doula results in less cesareans and shorter labour times


A doula:

  • Offers birth education and preparation
  • Assists in writing your birth preferences
  • Helps a mother find comfortable positions to labour and birth in
  • Empowers the partner to get involved
  • Protects the birthing environment so the mother feels safe and nurtured
  • Supports mothers who would otherwise be birthing on their own
  • Offers massage and relaxation options


The facts - using a doula means:

  • 50% fewer caesareans
  • 25% shorter labour
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 30% reduction in the use of pain medications
  • Increased rates of breastfeeding at 6 weeks postpartum (51% vs 23%)
  • Decrease in risk of postnatal depression (at 6 weeks 10% vs 23%)