Birth Stories & Testimonials



Mandy, mum to Dominic

I went into the birth of my first child not really knowing what I wanted from the experience. I was hoping for a natural birth, but I hadn't done much research, I didn't have a birth plan and my support person didn't really know what he was doing (sorry hubby!). So my first birth ended up including a fair amount of medical intervention, such as an epidural, syntocin drip, episiotomy and ventouse to help get my daughter out. During my second pregnancy I knew I wanted a different birth experience this time around and I believed having a doula present would help me achieve this.

Tamsin was recommended to me by my midwife who had worked with her previously. She and I met up several times before my due date to talk about my hopes for the birth, to help me put a birth plan in place and to generally get to know each other before the big day.

I am so glad that I had Tamsin there at the birth of my son. Things weren't going to plan, my baby was in distress and the tension in the room was building as the staff were quickly making preparations for my baby to be born as soon as possible, but having Tamsin's calming influence and her gentle instruction kept me feeling in control. Even my husband – who had originally said that he wasn't a fan of having a doula present at the birth as he felt it would be an intrusion on what should be a private moment between mother, father and baby – later told me that he was extremely glad that Tamsin was there, as she helped him to feel calmer in what was turning out to be a stressful situation.

In the end I was able to give birth to my baby boy completely drug-free, which was one of the most empowering experiences of my life, but it was something I don't think I could have achieved without the help of my doula. Thank y

ou, Tamsin!


baby molly born by a doula



Kimberly, mum to Amelia.

"As a doula myself this time around for baby number 2 I knew it would end up being much harder to choose a doula as it would be harder for them.  Coming from Canada I tried to find someone who would be in Perth but found it hard not knowing the area and was refered by Australian doulas to a few one of which was Tamsin.  As soon as we spoke on the phone I knew right away that Tamsin was our doula for this birth!  She not only had such a soothing voice but she was just such a great fit with our family and the idea of doulaing another doula didn't seem to daunt her.  
She was very helpful, and so calming throughout my pregnancy which had many bumpy parts to it and if she hadn't come across what to do for this before she found out what to do and where to go.  
She was my absolute saving grace during my birth getting me healthy food before my induction and hydrating me with her super hydrating labouraide.  My husband did not feel like his part (which is always quite large in my birth) was being pushed into at all, he was still my main support but Tamsin was the cherry on top!  While my husband supported me during a contraction from behind, rubbing my shoulders and talking me through, Tamsin was massaging my hands and getting me fluids, putting on aroma therapy oils, or just making me laugh. 


She gave me great advice through my transition phase that I will always cherish.  
Tamsin really went above and beyond staying with me while my husband went to get our son to meet his sister, helping me pack up, and holding Amelia while I had a gloriously long shower! 

Being that we had no family in Perth and only a hand full of friends who had their own babies we also hired Tamsin as a post natal doula and even though it was only a few hours for a few days it really saved my sanity.  Having a 2 year old at home as well trying to get used to our new routine, in a new city seemed quite hard to think of doing but even just by having another adult in the house it allowed me the time I needed to set up my routine without so many tears along the way.  
We will absolutely be using Tamsins birth and post natal services in future for our third.  Tamsin has become a dear friend and collegue and I recomend her to everyone!  


Odette, mum to Thomas

We had an amazing birth experience and could not of done it without our beautiful and supportive doula Tamsin.

The lead up to birth was exciting. long, uncomfortable, however we loved it, and were anxious and excitable new parents with the whole world of the unknown ahead of us!

We met with Tamsin on numerous occasions to discuss our birth plan and how we wanted to prepare to bring our son earthside. After each meeting we walked away excited, a little nervous and a with a whole lot more questions after Tamsin had presented us with more options for our birth and more education. Knowledge is power, and without some of the education provided to us, I am sure things could of gone a whole lot differently!

Tamsin provided my husband Dan with so many options of natural pain relief for me which was wonderful. From the fit ball, to standing positions, showers, cold compresses, homeopathic remedies, hands and knees, gentle massage, hip squeezing and so so many more, we hung in there and all worked together until it was time.

We managed to stay in the comfort of our own home and labour until I was 9cm. It was a hard road to get to there at home, but with the support of my wonderful husband and Tamsin's guidance to both of us, we managed to almost reach transition stage before we made the quick trip to hospital.

Yes, my labour was long and painful, I tore and our baby ended up being transferred to the neonatal nursery before I got to hold him, but my memory of labour and birth and the whole birth experience is a good memory and would not change a thing. We are ready for another child whenever fate will let us, and would do the same thing all over again. We would even contemplate a home birth with Tamsin present to guide, nurture and support us.


baby thomas born by a doula