Birth Doula

As your birth doula, I am completely committed to you and your family.

Initially, I suggest that we meet up to get to know each other better and to decide if you would like to employ me as your doula. This is of course obligation free, and tends to be a casual catch up at a coffee shop in a convenient location.

I will visit you at your home (or wherever you choose) 2-3 times before the birth to discuss what your desires are for your baby's birth and to help work out your best options.

We will discuss your fears and your anxieties, as well as what you are most looking forward to.

  Tamsin Johnson as a qualified doula offers birth services throughout Perth

We will take time putting your birth preferences into place, and ensure that your partner is armed with all the tools that they will need to best support you through your labour. When your labour commences, naturally or medically induced, I will join you wherever you are – hospital, home or birthing centre.

Throughout your labour I will attend to what ever needs you may have. Some of those things could be to physically support you in finding comfortable positions to be in, help you practice relaxation and breathing techniques or just to manage the environment by putting on some music. As your doula, I will do whatever needs to be done and I am skilled at reading situations, and my list of ways to help is endless.

Once your baby has been born, I will stay with you and ensure you and your new baby are happy, contented and settled.

A few days later we will reconnect and I will visit you at home. During this visit we can talk about the birth, and how you feel about it. We could also discuss any feeding issues you have and spend time learning about your new baby’s cues and signals. Again, this is really dependent on what you would like to do or talk about – it’s completely flexible.

At this stage, we will say our farewells, but in some cases, some new families decide that they could use the support of my postnatal services, and we continue our relationship.

See here for the details of my postnatal services.


Doula Tasmin Johnson   Tamsin is one of a few birth doulas in perth   We understand the roles and importance of birthing doulas