Welcome Home Package - $450


Makes a lovely baby shower present or blessingway offering

Maiden to mother ...... 

The transition to motherhood can be daunting and this little package is ideal for families that need a little extra care right at the start of your parenthood journey.

Our welcome home package is designed to help you settle back in home


  • A day (8 hours) of support upon arriving home from hospital or 12 hours after your home birth
  • Assistance around your home to smooth the transition (put a wash on, prep a meal etc.)
  • A complimentary herbal bath for you and your baby to take together or individually with herbs from BirthWise BodyWise
  • Support your feeding choices (breast, expressed or bottle) and ensure you’re comfortable with them
  • Ensure you have enough food & nourishment and prepare some if needed
  • Help you with settling techniques 
  • Listen to your birth story and be a sounding board for any worries you may have
  • 24 hour support (via phone, sms) for 3 days after you return home from hospital or from 12 hours after your homebirth