Postnatal Doula Package

Postnatal doula care services in perth


  • Free initial consultation to get to know one another (no obligation)
  • Visits in your home (number depending on which package you choose)
  • Feeding support (breast, bottle or expressing)
  • Infant massage lesson including organic essential oils
  • Bonding with Baby session - Mama & Babe herbal bath with complimentary herbs from BirthWise BodyWise
  • Cooking and helping prepare meals
  • Meal Service (additional cost)
  • Settling, sleeping & safety advice
  • Advice & assistance with safe sleeping practices and helping you learn your baby's cues
  • Help you set up a plan for shopping, cleaning and cooking with a newborn


Bronze – 1 Week Service - 10 hours - $450


  •  - 10 hours over 1 week.

This can be made up of any time frame ie – 2 x 5 hour visits, 3 x 3.5hour visits etc. depending on your requirements.

Includes: all of the above mentioned items


Silver – 4 Week Service - 40 hours - $1800


 - 40 hours per month booked in monthly blocks (approx. 10 hours per week)
Again, this can be any combination of time frame depending on your needs as above.

Includes: all of the above mentioned items PLUS complimentary lactation cookies (or alternative)

Gold – 8 Week Service - 80 hours - $3600


 - 80 hours over 2 months (approx. 10 hours per week)
With this package I would be committed to you and your new family for two months. 

Includes: all of the above mentioned items PLUS complimentary lactation cookies (or alternative) AND Peri-Heaven - Postnatal Herb Bombs (5 pack RRP $15) from BirthWise BodyWise


The Deluxe Package - Birth & Silver Postnatal Package (40 hours) - $2700


With this combined package you get all the benefits of my birth doula service, plus the Silver postnatal package.

The benefits of having this combined service are immense. We will get to know each other intimately and the continuity of care is immeasurable.

Additional hours outside of your package get charged at the standard rate of $35 per hour and will be payable at the end of our time together.